No! Our mini blender is completely portable. Just charge it and take it on-the-go!

This product cannot be used to process foods that are extremely hard - e.g. coffee beans, soybeans, rice, ice cubs or other frozen foods. It is great for dicing light items such as garlic, onion, tomato, spinach etc. 

Charging time is approximately 2 hours. 

Yes! The USB charging cable is included :)

30 seconds. The blender will automatically stop after 30 seconds, if your food needs further processing, you can blend it for another 30 seconds. 

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Yes, it's very safe to use! Just remember not to touch any detachable parts such as bladed, motors etc. when blending is in progress. It also has a double electronic safety switch!

Our products are shipped from our warehouse in Australia. 

Yes! We offer free shipping on all Australian orders. 

At this stage, we only ship within Australia but we are looking to sell internationally very soon!